Silvina Garrone

Supply Chain

Mom and wife; passionate about travelling and healthy lifestyle; and strongly committed to our Planet.

She is a Supply Chain specialist with a career of more than 20 years working for multinational organizations in the following areas: logistics, exports and imports, purchasing, strategic planning and commercial management.

Throughout her professional experience, she has contributed both in the design of ad hoc strategies to supply projects in adverse operating conditions, and the review of logistics flows to optimize the “service level agreement” to customers throughout mass distribution operations.

Her main goal is to be part of a customer-focused Company, committed to a sustainable future where collective construction, trust, empowerment, diversity, and inclusion, a good work environment and an adequate balance between personal and work life, are living values.

Pablo Rapaport

Business Development

Father, husband and adventurer.  He chooses the moments, the places and the partners, emphasizing enjoying the entire journey. He is strongly committed to the human and natural ecosystem in which he operates.

He has been dedicated to the development of goods and services businesses for more than 15 years. Along his career, has interacted with both industrial manufacturing teams and processes, and technology services startups, which gives him the possibility to provide a comprehensive and distinctive overview.

He has an analytical and detailed approach that allows him to ensure the success of each of the business stages, achieving satisfactory global results as a consequence of the results obtained in each phase. 

His purpose in this Company is to guarantee every project success. From the quality of origin of the products we commercialize and the security along the transportation and distribution chain, to the commercial agreements that guarantee a fair, safe and transparent trade for all interlocutors.

Yanina Pintos

Administration and Operational Management

Mother and wife; enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. Passionate about reading, music, soccer and traveling.

She hast been working for more than 15 years in resource management, and in the execution, analysis and intervention of processes to detect improvement opportunities.

A true expert in reporting, statistics and presentations.

Versatile, resilient, restless and constantly learning.

Her purpose in this Company is to add creativity to ideas development, as well as to general administration and planning, to ensure that any project is executed in a timely manner.