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We are YIPSAN, we develop solutions

YIPSAN is a company specialized in exporting, importing and distributing food and beverages.

About us

YIPSAN is based in Spain, working in collaboration with our partners in Argentina,Chile, Brazil, USA, the Caribbean and the European Union.

We promote collaborative work throughout the whole value chain by implementing a culture based on diversity and inclusion, prioritizing teamwork as our main asset.

Simplicity, Flexibility, Adaptability, Reliability and Responsibility are all the qualities that define us.


We look forward to facilitating the connection between the needs and every possible way to satisfy them.
Choseok – 초석 (*) are our way of implementing this, being the basis that supports every single business decision we make.

  • Safe and adequate processes.
  • Compliance with current legislation that guarantees the quality and identification of the products we sell.
  • The development of suppliers and communities that are impacted by our activity.
  • The sustainability of our products and their manufacture.
  • We pursue adding value to stakeholders and the Yipsan team in everything we do; and we mainly focus on enjoying the whole process.

Our value proposal includes the business viability analysis, planning, execution, monitoring and budget control during the entire process.

With the possibility of getting also involved in the production, packing and labeling of products in order to match the target market requirements.

Everything we do, we do it for our commercial partners, either customers or suppliers

Our Team